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Sis. Joy Starkey

I was going through a very difficult time in my life and wasn’t sure if either I nor my family was going to make it. I endeavoured many sleepless nights and shed countless tears, but I thank God for Jesus and for Samaritan Christian Center. With the help and counsel of our spiritual leaders Bishop Glenn Adderley and First Lady Alicesteen Adderley, along with much prayer and fasting, God turned my situation around for the good.

I understand why it;s important to not only have a relationship with Jesus Christ but to also have a covering from spiritual Shepherds in the local ministry. They act as added support when you feel the most alone. I thank God for the many times He’s used my pastor and other spiritual leaders at Samaritan to encourage me and be the support that I needed during my dilemma. Now my family is restored and better than it;s ever been and I am fully convinced that God did it!